Our Programs

TNR – Trap Neuter Release  

How TNR works – The Basics.

CAW – Cats at Work 

  • Only hope for many displaced, feral community cats to be placed in safe, secure locations for the rest of their lives – Breweries, Warehouses, Shared community spaces.
  • First, a member of our Community Cats Team comes to your property to help you determine the best place for the cats to acclimate, as well as a good place to locate well-insulated, yet lightweight and portable winter shelters.
  • All cats are acclimated in confignment at their location for 3 – 4 weeks. Acclimation can be in a backyard, shed, garage or basement. Many people choose to retrofit a space under their porch or deck to make a private “cats’ den.”
  • No matter where you acclimate the cats, most of the time cats will need to start off in large dog crates in that area to ensure they do not escape. The Coolwag Rescue Cats at Work Manager will help you make that determination during the site visit


Watch this story how these brewery cats at work save money, provide companionship and  just make sense